Model 670

The FAIRCHILD 670 is a highly sought-after vacuum tube compressor limiter that has been faithfully recreated to provide modern producers and audio engineers with the classic sound of the original hardware. Unlike other 670 recreations, the new FAIRCHILD 670 is true to the original. Utilizing the same tubes and custom wound transformers built to original spec. The architecture, point to point soldering and turret style construction make this piece of gear the only authentic recreation of the original 670 built and designed by Rein Narma at the behest of recording legend Les Paul in 1959. With its dual-channel design and unique compression characteristics, the FAIRCHILD 670 is capable of adding warmth, depth, and character to any audio signal. The vacuum tube technology used in the FAIRCHILD 670 adds a natural, organic quality to the compressed signal, providing a rich and dynamic sound that is highly prized by audio professionals. We are proud to announce this faithful and meticulous recreation of the original FAIRCHILD 670, The legend reborn.

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